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10-09-2007 13:01:35

Okay I know for a fact I'm doing everything right. I clear cookies only right before I do the offer ect. ect. ect. Still sites take atleast 3 days to credit me......

I've been waiting on a offer to credit for 14 days with train... someone point me in the right direction. I cant understand why this shit takes so long to credit.


11-09-2007 02:31:37

thnx for the replies ...


11-09-2007 05:58:25

There have been a lot of threads discussing this. You should look at the stickies.


11-09-2007 07:05:14

Don't clear your cookies right before you do your offer... then you delete the damn tracking cookie linking your offer completion to the site.... so you're not doing it correctly.