Just saying 'Hello'

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09-09-2007 16:30:35

Hello all. I am new on FiPG, but I have been on A4F for over a year now. I have a low, but good TR there, and I decided to get some more refs, why not try two sites. So I have a trade thread, and I'm looking to get some refs for allforone.ygf, youripoddtouch4free and yourfreeiphone. So yeah. I've done a number of freebie sites, mostly for cash, so I know what I'm doing. Well, that's my shpeil. Happy trading.


10-09-2007 02:58:43


Hope you enjoy your stay here D

sandra habina

10-09-2007 05:42:27

Hello and Welcome. D D


10-09-2007 06:14:45

Welcome )