New here, stop and say hi :)

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05-09-2007 10:25:49

Hello FIPG!

I am new here on your forum and coming to say Hello.
I am a member of 2 other freebie forums and have been in the gpt industry for 6+ months both as a member and a site owner.

I have a very good understanding of how freebie sites work and have already made $600 in 2 weeks! I will be posting my trade thread in the next hour or so, so come and check me out.

My TR here is 0 because I am new, but I am NOT new to freebies or offers.

Come on over and say hey to me soon. I look forward to working with you all. NO spam please. If I want to complete your site I will find you.

Kerry [/color27bfd1e3e2]


05-09-2007 12:59:17

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