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05-09-2007 09:21:54

Hi All,
I am pretty new, but getting the hang of this now. I do have a question though. I have no TR yet. I have greened for a trade, but have not received TR yet (I guess he is waiting for approval). I put an offer in the Trading Post looking for 1 ref on a site. I got a response from someone saying that they are willing to green for me, but since I have a lower TR I have to pay first. I checked their profile out and the TR is good, and the feedback is good also. They made reference to a TR rule about this. Is this normal and something that I should do? I don't want to just throw money away if this person decieds not to hold up their end of the bargain (after all, isn't thsi site about getting stuff for free??). Thanks for any advice that any of you can offer.


05-09-2007 09:29:17

I have paid upfront to traders several times. The thing I look for is how involved the person is on this forum (postcount for example) and beyond that, use what your instinct tells you from your communications.


05-09-2007 09:31:59

i've paid upfront for most of my trades here when the other persons TR is significantly higher than mine... if you've checked them out and feel they are trustworthy then you should be good.


05-09-2007 16:58:58

As far as earning TR, you haven't received one yet because your trade isn't done. Once you have gone green and then been paid, you both have to change your "status" in the trading module to "Request TR" in the drop down menu. A moderator will then review the feedback you leave and your trade itself and then give you TR if it's qualified.