Question for specific items

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01-09-2007 15:05:09

If there is a certain item we want as a reward what would be the best place to look to see which site requires the least work to aquire that reward we want.


01-09-2007 15:37:43

Most sites pay $40/ref, just ask the site owners via AIM or PM, and most sites has a custom order option where you can get anything. Just divide the cost by 40 and thats how many refs you need. You also round up of course.


02-09-2007 10:38:17

my old site,, lists a lot of prizes and how many refs they are on different sites. i haven't updated it much lately, what with S4N and all. there's another site that i think does the same thing. it's called ultimate freebie list (might be, i forget, but i link to it from my website also).