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25-08-2007 08:48:39

Hey Guys!! I was wondering if anyone had any advice on filing Claims with PayPal? I've had multiple RED's over the last several weeks and want to try to recoup the money I put out. I'm a little confused as to the process? When I pay my ref's...I choose Service and then note that they are being paid for being a ref...on the site they did. When I file the I say that they went RED after being paid?

I guess I'm not quite sure how to describe the situation in the claim. Does PayPal recognize the process for "freebie" sites? Also...I've been told that filing disputes...can cause your account to be locked.

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks... 8)


25-08-2007 19:01:48

I'm in the same situation as you. I filed a claim once because of a red and was flat out denied by paypal because I had listed it as a service. I said in my claim that the services I had paid for were not completed as promised. I never mentioned that it was freebie site related because I read somewhere Paypal doesn't like the whole freebie thing (don't remember where I read that and I may be totally wrong). There are several more reds I'd love to recoup, but at this point, I've just given up getting my $$ back (or even being paid by the site I completed where 4/7 refs had credits revoked). I hope you have better luck than me!


26-08-2007 00:10:36


In my opinion, I think you will have a very tough time getting your money back. I believe PayPal has a hard time refunding people if you did not send them "tangible goods". And explaining the whole method of paying referrals for freebie sites will only confuse the already clueless PayPal customer service representative.

Perhaps your best bet is to call them and talk to someone who can actually do something.

I hope I am wrong about this and I hope you get your money back.

Good luck!


26-08-2007 08:37:22

Much of the time it depends on the Customer Service Rep that receives your claim. There are 100's of disputes a day, some are simple, some are more complicated. Trying to explain the freebie world to someone that knows nothing about it, is like yelling into a black hole.

Some people put goods instead of services, and that could be construed as fraudulent, but they are the ones that seem to have better luck with a positive outcome. Generally speaking, it's my understanding that it's about a 30-70 shot...and has much to do with the way you word your dispute.

There are many topics already on this subject, and you can find them easily in the "search" field, under the "help" topic. Tons of great info.

Margot wink


03-09-2007 00:06:52

i hate paypal