"Trainn" Sites???

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20-08-2007 10:57:07

Can anyone tell me what these are?



20-08-2007 10:59:53

They are sites most commonly recommended for new people. A lost of the TRAINN sites can be found here http//trainn.org/sites.php

Also, in regards to that link, only the ones with pictures are active.


20-08-2007 11:04:31

ah thank you, that helped


22-08-2007 15:05:14

"trainn" is the shortened name for the company that runs several freebie sites. Their full name is Transcendent Innovations, Inc. I've completed 4 or 5 of their sites now. They're great because they only take one offer to complete, have excellent support, quick verification/shipment, and everyone wants to sign up for them so it's pretty easy to get referrals.