Friends doing offers for me?

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19-08-2007 02:31:40

I have several people at my work, and a few at school who have been very interested in doing sites, for me paying them. Most dont want the hassle to sign up here, and would rather just do the offers for me (several have). The ones who do have the tiem to monitor that stuff are already lurking here.

So my question is, right now, about 5 co workers said they would do 10 offers each, if I payed them (amount I am paying them, i would like to keep disclosed), Could I make a trade thread telling people that my friends will do the sites, and to make an offer? Then have my friends do the sites from their homes, 100% legit for the users on here?

I read the rules, and did not see anything against this, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

Big War Bird

19-08-2007 03:13:31

Yes you can do that, it called brokerng greens. Just be sure that you are clear that it is not going to be you do the greens in your trading thread. Also you are still 100% responsible for the trades.


19-08-2007 12:39:28

Also, refer to this thread for a little more information (quite recent, actually)



20-08-2007 00:42:36

What BWB is very important. Many people who do this don't state upfront that someone else will be doing the green. It looks rather scammy and sneaky not to mention that fact.


20-08-2007 09:34:33

Make sure they are at their houses too, not at work....