Ques. about offer completion & credit?

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15-08-2007 19:27:07

ok, one of my ref's just called me and let me know the magazine offer he did took him to a pg. that said "processing your order, may take up to 2 minutes. do not hit back or refresh or you may be charged 2x." well its been 2hrs. and same screen is still up? i checked my site and it shows him as a ref but no offer completed? should he just let it stay up for the rest of the night? or what should he do, never got a congrats pg. but already entered all info & pymt. ? just want him to get the credit, any advice?


15-08-2007 20:40:22

If it's been up for 2 hours, the the likelihood of it going through is very slim. Either the site froze up on him, his browser froze, and/or his internet quit working (even if just for a few moments).

I would tell him to close the window, close his browser, then go back to the website, find the contact info and have him call/e-mail and ask if his payment went through and if he has an active membership. They will be able to check that with his info.

I definitely would not have him complete the site a second time, just in case it DID go through, he would get charged twice and maybe even get red-flagged for duplicate accounts. Wait until he can verify with the site's customer support.


22-08-2007 15:16:12

Also, if he used a credit card he can check his CC account online to see if there is a "pending" payment request for that offer.