Does anyone know...

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13-08-2007 20:12:06

how to get credit for trades that are complete but the other person never requested TR and now you can't get ahold of them. The last time they even visited the site was months ago.

I have 2 trades with 2 different people and the last time they were on the site was like April and May.


Big War Bird

13-08-2007 20:33:53

There is nothing you can do. They will forever be in Limbo. I have probably a dozen trades like that.


14-08-2007 22:51:13

OR, you could hound them using their email (which you should have from the trade module or when you paid them) ... but, that doesn't always work, since after a while I'm sure they will just block your email.


15-08-2007 02:26:26

Why not allow folks to show a pic of the green


15-08-2007 02:33:30


If you mean screenshots, then they can be fabricated. Either way, the rules clearly state both parties must request credit for it to be granted.