Can't log into FIPG with IE

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13-08-2007 07:31:38

I can't seem to log into FIPG using IE. Anyone else having this problem? I can get to the forums but when I log in nothing happens, I just stay logged out.


13-08-2007 07:36:13

I was having problems with firefox and I cleared my cookies and it was fine yesterday. Happened again today and I had to clear my cookies...first time in a long time i've had to do that.


13-08-2007 07:43:23

Yep. Log out, clear your cookies and log back in.

Then post about an Australian band.


13-08-2007 09:07:27


Yeah, Admin made a small change that effected cookie storage, so that's probably the reason. Clearing cookies and then logging in again should fix you right up.


13-08-2007 10:25:30

That did the trick, thanks guys. I should have thought of that.