Quick FiPG question for mods...

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09-08-2007 10:32:21

Do you warn people they've been PM spamming before you temp-ban them? Or do you just temp-ban them with no explanation?

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10-08-2007 07:16:17

No. No warnings are given. If you get reported for it, you will get a temp-ban. But, the mods can correct me if I'm wrong about this.


10-08-2007 07:50:05

Actually I believe now our first course of action is not a temp-ban, but a suspension of PM privileges. Further offenses will escalate through the banning phases.


10-08-2007 07:55:39

But do you at least tell the person what he/she did wrong?


10-08-2007 08:23:27

Since you read and agree to the rules when you join, you should know what you did wrong. shrug


10-08-2007 08:40:07

You're right. I guess that was kind of a stupid question. roll


10-08-2007 10:30:56

I'm just not very patient with people who do things like PM spam. It's not only blatantly outlawed in the rules, but anyone with any sense would know that it's not a good idea.


10-08-2007 10:45:49

and he's got a sweet disposition, too. ;)

It should also be noted that these are the penalties levied against those who are active members. Those who register for the sole purpose of spamming can forget about the "temp" part.


16-08-2007 10:04:10

How do I report spam?
I just joined and already have 2 spam pm's


16-08-2007 10:07:04

[quotee66af345f6="5nickels"]How do I report spam?
I just joined and already have 2 spam pm's

Go ahead and PM a mod with their names.