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08-08-2007 23:41:57

havent posted here in FOREVER... but... just to refresh my memory...

ok so im doing a trainn site.... i noticed that a certain offer that i did greened lightning quick

am i allowed to recommend that offer to my referrals saying it greened pretty well...

so... if 5/10 of my greens did the offer that i did... that shouldnt be considered fraudulent correct?


09-08-2007 00:42:18

IMO, that would be walking them through. They have to make their own choices.


09-08-2007 00:44:32

suggestions completely not allowed?


09-08-2007 02:18:04

You've been here long enough to know.


09-08-2007 06:28:34

[quoteaa4e7ba56c="Tholek"]You've been here long enough to know.[/quoteaa4e7ba56c]

Do not suggest offers, that is considered a pretty blatant violation of terms with regards to walkthroughs.


09-08-2007 16:17:49

aritey... case closed... ) im not going to be trading much longer anywho... i can just avoid the situation alltogether