what am I doing wrong

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08-08-2007 08:32:43

When I started doing these sites it was pretty easy getting paid for greens. Now I have all these sites that I need greens for, I haven't completed one yet. I have offered over half of what I will make and still can't get anyone to complete an offer. I've had alot of sign- ups that never signed up for the sites, and never replied to messages. I really need to complete these sites it is the only income I have right now since I got hurt at work, I ain't goin for sympathy just need to know what I'm doing wrong, I can't pay on green right now, maybe after I complete some sites I will have a little surplus income to pay on green. I've been working on this for over 3 months and get no response on anything now.
Any help would be great. Thanks chris


08-08-2007 09:20:19

I tried to post this a minute ago, but my DSL failed - so let's try this again...

Your best bet right now would be to do green-for-green trades. There are a lot of people looking for greens and a lot who can still trade for them. Trades for greens are also a lot cheaper and thus more profitable. You should always be willing to do these trades if at all possible, even if you decide later not to pursue the site you greened on.

Timing is everything - you can't rely on your trade thread alone - you have to constantly watch the Trading Post for potential candidates. When you see new traders post, PM them right away. If you can be one of the first to send them a PM, you'll be much more likely to get the trade.

Also - there are many people who advertise other places online, with banner ads for example, and also quite a few who advertise offline - posting flyers, placing free ads, etc... You may want to explore your options with those.

I hope this helps )


08-08-2007 10:22:23

I'm looking for green for green trades. i'm new here so im capable of doing offers, its just hard to find people that cna also do offers.


08-08-2007 13:28:33

sometimes you gotta take the risk and pay on green..

when i started this i widhtrew 500 from bank to pay for my greens...


08-08-2007 13:36:56

[quotede2c4913c9="puppeteer"]sometimes you gotta take the risk and pay on green..

when i started this i widhtrew 500 from bank to pay for my greens...[/quotede2c4913c9]

Really? I started a new paypal account (never had one before) and I have never deposited a single dime.
I made almost $500 profit from going green for people and then used some of that to pay for my refs, and so on.
Of course, I've also withdrawn a lot for personal use ;)
But never deposited...


08-08-2007 13:52:39

after I get a couple sites done I can pay on green. but right now things are really tight


08-08-2007 13:56:13

when I started this I thought when people paid $25 or$30 I was doing good, now I offer 50 on some sites and get laughed at. either I was to nice or people are wanting to get rich quick. I'll change my post in the forum and try to get one site done at a time, instead of listing all of them and not getting any complete. Thanks for the response


08-08-2007 20:46:45

there are also a lot of people that want to do no cc sites. I am working on a few of these right now. they don't pay as much, but can be easier to get completed-- especially if you have friends you can convince to do it for you.


09-08-2007 06:34:45

I've been doing this a while too and haven't received a single prize yet. It might be because I offer too broad a spectrum of sites. My advice would be to focus on one site and try doing a few trades for greens. And I don't suggest relying on freebies for income. It's a fickle little world this planet of freebies and as I keep seeing on this forum you should treat this as a hobby, not a job. If you're looking to make a steady extra income online I would start browsing work-at-home forums. The income and prizes from this are too sporadic and there are too many hurdles for this to be a reliable source of income.


09-08-2007 08:05:51

Suggestion about completing sites

Focus on sites that allow custom orders for one or two refs. I've made somewhere around $1200 now, I think, just from prizes, but I didn't do it all at once. I do one or two refs on a site and then I cash it out. Quicker turn-around on income means less upfront investment.