on hold and don't know why.......

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06-08-2007 20:22:02

i need help or some info. i went red on a site because they said i provided false info. to them or one of their affiliates. i have never, ever provided false info. to any offer or affiliate and am confused as to why they are saying that.

anyone know what that means? is it something that can be reversed or do you stay red and on hold for good?

i wouldn't intentionally do anything wrong and have never given false info. i don't understand.

anyone have any replies?


06-08-2007 20:30:12

They should be able to tell you which offer it was (if you did more than one), and you may be able to get it reversed.

Which site was it on?? I have gone red 3 times. Twice I explained it to the site and got it reversed, and once they took me off hold and I had to do another offer to replace the one that was denied (even though I know I did it right). So, there is hope, but you might end up doing another offer, because if the affiliate doesn't pay them, they can't pay you.

Hope this is of some help.



07-08-2007 13:18:07

Of all the trades and greens I've done I had one site I went red on. To this day, I still can't figure out why I went red. They said my IP address was an Oklahama address?? Huh? How could that be when I live in NE and have done every offer, site, from my home computer and have followed every rule to the T? Unfortunately, there was/is no way I can prove it. Unless someone knows something I don't? Regardless, I KNOW there is NO WAY I did anything wrong.

Worst part of it is I want to complete this networks sites (start getting refs) but he says I can't and will go on hold!

I would get with the site and ask if you can provide any proof. Maybe provide them proof such as drivers license info?


07-08-2007 13:33:03

Your best bet would be to contact the site.

But I can tell you this - if you used a P.O. Box as an address to either the site or the affiliate it will go against you as "false information" because it is not your true address. P.O. Boxes are against the TOS of every site and I think every offer.

Also - if you used a wrong phone number - bad news.

EDIT I forgot - you're at risk of having similar "false information" issues if you used a credit card with a name that is different from your own - example using your spouse's credit card, etc...


07-08-2007 16:28:58

thanks for all of your replies. i have gotten in touch with the site and apparently there was a problem with my email address. they said it was a false address and asked me to email them from my email. so i did and now just waiting to hear.

i did not give a false email address so i have to believe that this will get rectified. the only thing i can think of is that i hit a wrong key accidentally when typing in my address.

thanks again-


07-08-2007 16:31:50

Glad you're getting it resolved )


07-08-2007 21:29:32

thanks for your replies. i am no longer on hold. it wasn't anything i did and all has been resoloved. yay!