How do you do it?

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05-08-2007 15:07:27

Those of you that are continuously getting referrals I wondered if you have any pointers? I've gone green for quite a few people and have run out of offers to do. Not to mention my credit card is now max out! I have cashed out on a few sites but it seems like nothing compared to some of you. If anyone is will to help me out a little that would be great!


05-08-2007 15:22:36

I agree that you are at a tough place. Back in the day, there were so many newbies that you couldn't hardly keep up with them, but it's gotten a lot slower all around.

With a TR of 28, you should be able to find some people who will green for you, although you may have to chance it and pay at least part on green.

As far as running out of offers, I have been in your shoes, but be optimistic - there are new offers showing up every so often that will make it possible for you to do some green for green trading, you'll just have to check out the offers list first, to make sure. I know that Trainn and 123StuffForFree have both added new offers recently.

Hope it all works out for you,


06-08-2007 00:50:27

First of all, one thing I think helps is a nicely laid out trade thread that catches peoples eye...that is after all what people will notice first. Second is your TR, which at 28 you should be fine because that shows that you have some experience here and know what you are doing. Also, how much are you offering people on your sites, and do you pay on green or approval? I always try to offer at least half of what I am making from the referral. (If you are making $50, pay them $25) Paying on green as opposed to approval also helps out a lot. Most people, especially newbs, do not want to sit around and wait for you to get approved to get their money, because when you do not have a high TR with trades constantly coming in, who knows how long it can take you to be approved on a certain site? Best advice though is to be patient and stick with it. We all started out slow just making decent money, and not too long ago I was in your same shoes. Recently I have been getting a decent amount of people interested in my sites and business has been going well, and my TR climbs a little everyday. I wish the best of luck to you and hope I helped you out. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me.