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03-08-2007 12:31:20

I was wondering is it necessary to use the same email address as i used to register with this forum to register the freebie site ? Or i can use different email address as i wish ? Thank you


03-08-2007 13:14:37

You [i899750d1bd]can[/i899750d1bd] use a different e-mail address than the one you used to sign up for this forum on freebie sites. However, try to use the same e-mail address to sign up to all your freebie sites, that way you don't "accidentally" create a duplicate account on a single network and end up on hold.


03-08-2007 13:32:19

Thanks Jaykanish, you answer is very helpful.I just add karma for you..)


03-08-2007 13:53:57

Glad to be of assistance D


04-08-2007 09:59:36

Also some sites prefer you to use the same email address to sign up with as your paypal address.


04-08-2007 12:21:15

More information.....thanks shokesdogg ..

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