posting issue

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01-08-2007 20:04:00

everytime I try and post I get "invalid session" if this posts i had to do it like 40 times to get it to work. Any ideas?


01-08-2007 21:27:20

You're the second person I've heard report this invalid session thing. I have no idea yet what it could be from our end.

I'll ask the same thing I asked the other person have you logged out of FiPG, cleared all cookies, restarted your browser (or rebooted to be completely anal) and tried again?


02-08-2007 19:30:15

Yea i tried that, when its doin it, that doesn't help. And sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn't.


02-08-2007 20:27:57

This has happened to me as well. In my experience, it seems to happen sporadically when I begin a reply and wait beyond a few minutes to post it. (Didn't time it, though)


02-08-2007 20:46:45

thats interesting... i'll keep and eye open for that thanks