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27-07-2007 12:14:06

I have two questions. I was under the impression one had to have 4 trades before they could switch to the other side and offer money for greens. 2 ,I was waiting for a person to go green for me when he said he would have to have someone else complete the trade. So, now, I am working with two people or at lease two E-mail addys.


27-07-2007 12:19:55

You don't need to have a TR of 4 to pay for greens, you need to have a TR of/over 4 to credit for a trade with someone who has a TR UNDER 4.

What's the other question?


27-07-2007 12:57:26

tylerc answered your first question.

If I understand your 2nd, people are supposed to notify you beforehand if they're brokering a trade for somebody else. Sometimes things happen to where they don't realize until they signup that they can't complete an offer, in which case they will often find a friend or family member to signup for you and get your green. However the person you setup the trade with is responsible for that green occurring, regardless of who they're getting to do it. So if the green doesn't come through, then they own you for it. Likewise, they earn the TR when the trade does go through, so as far as you're concerned, you're still only dealing with the person you're trading with, and not whoever it is they get to do the trade.