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26-07-2007 07:47:22

Hi, I'm new to all the free gifts stuff, and now I'm trying to do it to get a PS3. However, I've always felt fishy about this kind of stuff, I read the information pages stickied at the top of this forum, but I'm still a bit confused.
How is ps3.allfreebieworld? Is that a trusty site?
Do my referrals have to do anything other than sign up? What information do they have to give? Do they have to buy anything?
Can I sign up without risk of being charged?

Just some questions I wasn't sure of

Big War Bird

26-07-2007 07:54:07

You gotta spend money to make money. Yes you and your referrals will have to at the very least sign up for low cost trail offers to various products or services. Your and your referrals must sign up with genuine personal info such as name, address phone number.

Also ps3.allfreebieworld, its one of dozens of nearly identical sites. There are certainly better places to start, in my opinion.


26-07-2007 07:58:24

Actually, in my opinion, AFW pays out super quick. Any order I've ever placed with them has been approved and sent out within 24, pretty much.

Big War Bird

26-07-2007 08:00:27

Speed of payment is one of the least important factors in rating a freebie site, IMO


26-07-2007 08:03:48

Yeah, but a lot of people just starting out on here would like their first site to be easy and to payout quickly.

I've spoken to so many newbies that are on the verge of quitting the freebie world all together just because their first site that they tried to complete took so long to even approve their order and/or respond to support tickets.

But, you're right, speed of payment is only one of MANY important factors. Available offers, $ per ref and reputation are also important as well.