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26-07-2007 07:05:53

Now that I have your attention P. This referral thing is blowing me out of the water. I just don't understand how someone can do 30+ trades in less than a Month when I cant even get 4 completed in that time. I mean how is it done? Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone show me how to complete my trades faster? I obviously am doing something wrong else it wouldn't take this long in the first place. Help me out and i'll give you good Karma.

Big War Bird

26-07-2007 07:28:37

The quick way to build your TR is to do offers for cash. With a TR of just 1, you are at huge dissadvantage when competing against higher people for referrals.
Looking at your trade thread there is nothing wrong with, but you are trying to get referrals on two sites that huge percentage of higher TR traders that you need to help you will have already have done.

Best thing you can do is to respond any trader threads interested in trading greens.


26-07-2007 07:30:20

It's pretty weird, newbies will get tons of trades so easily while others get nothing, I've been here twice as long as most of these new people but I still don't get anything, I even paid $30 for a $40 site and only got 1 ref. I guess you just need a good title(you have), nice layout(you have), and some good payouts(good except for the $20 ones you might want to make $25). That's basically all you need, but your TR is also a big factor, so you might want to do some sites for people until you get a little TR. Just do it until you have 4TR, that way if you trade with noobies you can still get TR for the trade, and that'll bring a lot of newbies that want TR to trade with you. It used to be so easy to get refs, you'd get 2-3 in a day with a single thread, after all of the new people came it got harder and harder, I quit freebies a long time ago, not worth it because people are paying too much now, you only make $10-$15 per ref, factor out the money lost for reds and you're left with next to nothing if even anything, it's just not worth the time and risk in it anymore.


26-07-2007 08:04:05

Thanks guys thats just the kind of info I was looking for now I don't have to sit here and guess. I will work on that.


26-07-2007 08:23:09

Sure, a good way to get refs is to pay exactly what you get from the site until you get up some good TR, you'll have the highest payouts because nobody would ever go higher, which means you get the refs ) Just do it until you get 10 or so TR and then it'll become easier and easier. People with 300+ TR get tons of trades every day because of it.


26-07-2007 08:31:23

Go to FLR if you want to pay for greens, so many noobs over there willing to do sites for cash.


26-07-2007 08:47:40

[quoteec877ffa60="tylerc"]Go to FLR if you want to pay for greens, so many noobs over there willing to do sites for cash.[/quoteec877ffa60]

Been there tried that. They say they want to trade but never communicated after the fact the trade has been setup. I sometimes think people over there just do it for the sake of typing and boredom but never act.


26-07-2007 09:46:26

Same here, I've even offered $35 for a $40/ref site last year if anyone remembers, lol. This year, i'm offering over 70% commision for a $100 paying site and still not much of any getters.

Heh, noobies rise to the hundreds in TR within months!


26-07-2007 18:50:41

Hi there,

Please don't forget, that you can offer to green for others, and trade green for green, while still paying for referrals. You are, from the looks of it, able to do all 3, but the biggest hits will be the trading green for green with higher TR traders. You can find people wanting to trade greens all over, and it's often cheaper then paying for a referral.

If you look at it in the correct prospective, with regards to trading greens, the sky is the limit for you right now, until you run out of offers you are interested in. By that time, you will have completed sites of your own, built your TR, made a reputation for yourself, and earned some good money!!

I'd suggest that you edit your trade thread to indicate you are interested in trading greens, and in the body, state that you will green for paypal, and keep your pay outs for referrals...you have it made really, and wish I had the ability to do all 3 wink Also look for others on the trade forum that want to trade greens as well. Just make sure that you are trading evenly ie. $40 referral site for $40 referral site. Expect to have to go first for a bit till your TR is up there, but things should really pop for you if you do this.

Hope this helps!

Margot D


26-07-2007 21:09:30

green-for-green is the way to go


31-07-2007 15:14:40

green for green does sound very good and IS in all actuality the 100 percent profit way to go.. i have never done it myself.. i remember when i was a newbie back in february... i lurked and read and read and read.. DAMN that shit was overwhelmin ;).. i took it slow and learned all i could from the ppl i traded with.. had a great mentor.. pspparty who taught me a lot.. i started MY first site when i was a TR of 7.. lowballed the site for 120 for 3 refs.. by the time i was 7 TR and others in the worx i was greenin at the time.. i had enough experience to help other NEW newbies.. sorry if this is gettin off topic i just read everyone elses posts before i replied.. i think yer question is waht is the best way.. well i would say.. persistence.. pm the HELL outta EVERYONE lookin to go green.. but as was said with the TR you have now.. it would be best to build it up a bit before you start trying to complete a site.. i have seen MANY come here lately with 0 TR payin for greens.. it CAN happen with a 0 TR but as you know the rules and suggestions.. YOU would pay first with a higher.. and other newbies without a TR of 4 or higher would get no TR either.. just green for others a lil bit and do green for green if you can with higher TR's to build up yer own.. be active in the forums.. be helpful and honest and just have fun with it most of all.. take it seriously.. but not TOO seriously that ya come off soundin like an ass when ya dont mean to.. it will happen.. just like anything else.. ya gotta owrk at it..

Shawn G.