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24-07-2007 16:42:59

How can I get referrals? I find it SO hard to do so...

Big War Bird

24-07-2007 16:45:31

Read my guide on how to make money here. It will clear some things up.


24-07-2007 17:07:29

To be honest, I don't want to spend much money on these. I want my first one to be totally 'Free'. Then I may start buying greens.


24-07-2007 20:07:55

[quote7bb445a705="Menchions"] I want my first one to be totally 'Free'. Then I may start buying greens.[/quote7bb445a705]

Very unlikely, unless you have some friends or family to do one for you. Around here, people will expect to be paid.



24-07-2007 21:10:03

Gah. Is it really that hard to get free referrals?


25-07-2007 00:34:07

People have no reason to do it for free.


25-07-2007 07:21:12

[quote430be6a6ee="aviendha47"]People have no reason to do it for free.[/quote430be6a6ee]

That's very true, unless it is family or friends that you can get involved, and excited about all of this, as well as just plain word of mouth, and that shouldn't be too difficult, unless your a bit isolated like me.

There is a way to advertise your sites on blogs, and other areas of the net, where allowed, and that can bring free referrals...I would suggest though, that if you do go that route, that you get involved with a site that will combine half or partial credits for you...a real boon there. The something4nothing sites will do that for you. It's a great idea anyway, as I have many partials that will never complete the other sites I have worked, and if I could put them all together, I'd have a lot of pay outs coming my way!

My 2 cents, but hope it helps!

Margot D