1 new topic every 3 days (could I please find a loophole ?)

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22-07-2007 14:54:43

Ok firstly im not as dumb as I sound hehehe

But rate now I have bumped my add thread
But I have also been hearing a lot about git r sites having over 400 offers
And im not in any of them
I am however in Canada and find finding offers nearly impossible
I would love to start a thread asking for all the Git r sites
But we can just have 1 new thread every 3 days
And we canít make one the same day as we bump one

Now im thinking that is clearly meant to stop people from making a bunch of new add threads
Everyone is so hungry for greens I find it highly unlikely that anyone would object to me making a second thread asking for new sites to do
But the rule is there
So I thought I would ask about this and see what people day


22-07-2007 14:56:37

It's against the rules, so don't do it. And just put all the sites in one thread and there isn't any need for a 2nd one.


22-07-2007 14:57:33

No. You can only have 1 active trade thread, and trying to find a loophole will result in getting your threads locked to say the least, and could also get you banned if you try it enough.


22-07-2007 15:01:03

wow that's harsh
makes me glad I asked first hehehehe


22-07-2007 16:05:16

Yes, it is better to have asked and gotten an answer than to do it and get a ban.


22-07-2007 16:30:45

Definitely a no-no.

Edit your current trading post and add all your sites to it. You an edit a trading post as much as you like.


22-07-2007 17:22:17

Oh, so we won't bend the rules for one person?

Well, that's lame.


22-07-2007 18:02:11

can't blame a guy for asking


22-07-2007 18:11:22

yes we can, its annoying when people think they are above the rules


22-07-2007 18:31:20

was more thinking the rule may not aply to asking for sites


22-07-2007 19:22:50

[quote4c403f8729="amartin99"]was more thinking the rule may not aply to asking for sites[/quote4c403f8729]

What else do you do in the trading post? ?


22-07-2007 19:33:13

offer them advertising to buy greens
there are 2 sides to the coin

somone asking for a new sites to do is instently flooded
somone offering sites for people to do is lucky if he gets more then 1 responce


23-07-2007 07:00:48

You are right about there being two sides to a coin, but when the coin is trading (be it paying for your sites/getting paid to do sites), you are still looking for trades. Hence, you can only have 1 trade thread, even though the "two sides" are for different aspects, they are the "same coin". That's all we are saying.


23-07-2007 15:20:24

well I just got home from work to find 4 People asking to do my sites
so im on a little to much of a high from that to care about anything else at the moment hehehe
but I sopose you have a point