TR for NoCC sites

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20-07-2007 19:22:34

yes yes I know there is none

but I have a site that im Paying $25 on

they pay so much
could they be Agsempted from this rule ?

I have somone saying he/she has allready goten TR for NoCC sites
No names (im not looking to get anyone in trouble)
Im just on one hand thinking may be TR credible ?
And on the other wanting a place to point that other person to
So he/she can see other people conferming what I have said
I donít want him/her to think I am looking for a way to scam and thinking avoiding TR is part of that


20-07-2007 20:28:57

It's certainly possible, with all the trades that are up for credit at any given time, that sometimes a noCC trade is overlooked and credited it by accident. We DO NOT intentionally credit any noCC trades, I'm sure it's happened occasionally considering the sheer number of trades being credited, but it would be a fluke. So just because somebody benefited from it once, doesn't mean it'll happen again or that the policy is flexible. It is not.

[quotec6ed5e138c="amartin99"]could they be [bc6ed5e138c]Agsempted[/bc6ed5e138c] from this rule ?[/quotec6ed5e138c]
I tend not to be a spelling nazi, but that one made me cringe so hard I think I strained a cheek muscle... lol

btw, it's [ic6ed5e138c]exempted[/ic6ed5e138c]. ;)


21-07-2007 03:08:44

yea I compleatly suck at spelling
I tried using the spellchecker in ofice 2007 to
it didn't complain on it so I thought I must have it rite
but sure didn't look rite to me
but knowing it looks wrong and knowing what would be rite are 2 comleatly difrent things


21-07-2007 06:55:53

LOL, hope your cheek recovers soon a great chuckle over that!

No worries though amartin99, I know a few [i4581c95193]teachers[/i4581c95193] that can't spell at all and rely very heavily on spell check! Most here aren't judgemental in that way, it's how you trade with others and your integrity, not how you spell that should matter wink

Margot D


21-07-2007 14:40:43

yea I wasn't bothered
my dad is a fantastic speller (way above normal)
and after a couple years of teasing from him
I just don't care any more
I use spellchecker most of the time
but to avoid looking dumb and loosing the respect of prospects
not to avoid being teased