Doing offers at new residence

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19-07-2007 22:57:10

Hey guys,

I read the FAQs but I am still unsure and I want to be certain before I do anything. Ok, so I do offers and trades on my laptop at my home of course. I am visiting my parents and I have my laptop and I was wondering if it would mess anything up with the sites or anything. I don't want them to think I am doing fraud or anything but I would really like to get some of my trades done (because it gets boring here).

Another problem is in a few weeks I will actually be moving back in with my parents until a job offer works out so I will be using their internet anyways. So will this all work for me? I am a screwed or is there anything I can do? Or am I just worrying about nothing?

Thanks in advance for any advice, answers and tips


20-07-2007 06:02:38

You should be fine as long as your parents (nor anyone from your parents' address or IP) have completed any sites or offers that you're working on. If there is some considerable distance geographically between you and your parents, you might play it safe and drop an e-mail or support ticket to the affected sites to give them a heads-up.


20-07-2007 13:27:36

I would definitely let the site owners know in advance so that you have proof you weren't trying to scam/fraud them. Give them a headsup on what you're doing.

Also, everything should be okay. Just make sure you don't try anything shady like completing offers multiple times because they site owners can find out. As long as you keep everything legit, you should be just fine.

Hope this helped!


23-07-2007 07:55:38

I'm concerned about this also, as am moving, and may have to change my ISP. Many sites don't offer the ability to update your e-mail manually, and even ignore (in ther way) requests via support. Couldn't the sites change the address for you on their end if requested?


Margot wink