Has anyone done the New York Times offer?

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19-07-2007 09:52:21

I was wondering exactly how much that offer cost. Is it only $4 for four weeks, or is it really more? I'm just about out of offers to do.



19-07-2007 10:08:27

I did, and it was actually the $4. But if you did it you'd be frauding because they don't deliver to Alabama /


19-07-2007 10:08:29

That offer has seemed deceptive to me...I have seen it at just the $4 but that is for the Sunday paper only, and on some sites I have seen that you have to subscribe for the full 4 weeks (including the weekly paper) yet still states at the opener that it is only $4 which is not the way the TOS read to me.

It appears to be set up 2 different ways on different sites, but I could be mistaken. Would love some clarification myself...LOL

Margot wink


19-07-2007 10:29:50

I did the offer awhile back and was charged $4 for 4 weeks of Sunday delivery. I think Margot is right though, it is different on some sites....


19-07-2007 18:19:44

I too have seen different offers for this. They seem to be worth different credit amounts on different sites too, but none apeared to be a straight up $4...very vague about it. I have kept away.



19-07-2007 19:15:44

i couldnt do it they wouldnt deliver to my area