Trades and the Snail

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19-07-2007 07:08:16

Can anyone let me in on this whole trade business whats a good time to give someone to go green for you if you did a green 4 green, paid 4 green ect.? It just feels like its going at a snails pace and I'd like to know what is a fair time frame to give someone to go green for you? Thanks in advance.


19-07-2007 07:39:51

There really aren't any rules unless you state them to the potential trader. BUT IMO....trades should be attempted within 72 hours unless otherwise stated. Now if you go green for green and you happen to go first but it takes you 7 days or so to green, the other trader may not be available to do their green right away. This is where communication is SO IMPORTANT!

Another thing to consider.....maybe they are waiting on credit? Maybe the offer was suppose to credit in two weeks for example. Maybe they are waiting on a support ticket or waiting to be able to submit support ticket (some sites require 7 days to pass BEFORE submitting ticket)

The freebie world is about patience though...... I struggled with that early on but have realized things just take time! It's tough when you are a hard-workig motivated trader and have to rely on others to "get things done" but that is all part of the business...


19-07-2007 08:33:00

Thanks alot I appreciate the informative response. I guess being still fairly new to all this I just need to learn a little more patience. Good Karma for you! Thanks.