Spam Pm's sent to me

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17-07-2007 17:21:08

I have 2 guys that sent me pm's asking me to complete an offer for them in return for an ammount for cash. I just signed up for this site (as you can see with my post count) and I did not show any interest towards any potential deal/trade. I took a quick glance in the forums rules and I came to a conclusion that this is in fact a violation (per Forum requirements). I also found out that administrators ignore Pm's sent to them so where should I report the spammers?


17-07-2007 17:21:53


There are a lot of threads on PM spam too, search.

PM a mod with the username of the user(s) and they will handle it.


17-07-2007 17:24:43

As I stated above, I took a glance at the forum rules and it stated that Administrators will simply ignore any Pm's sent to them. Makes me wonder why they are administrators anyway.


17-07-2007 17:26:45

Never mind, I've found a topic with my issue. Please lock this thread.