Will I get TR credit if I did my part?

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17-07-2007 11:37:56

I have two trades that were green 4 green. I did my part and went green on their sites. They have not done theirs yet and it looks like I may have been scammed. (http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=66687) Can I still get TR credit for the greens that I did? I am trying to get to the magic number of 4. It is not my fault that they did not do their part. Since it looks like I'll be screwed out of the greens for my site, can I at least get TR credit for doing their sites?


17-07-2007 11:39:05

I don't think you can, both sides need to do their part in order to get TR.

I could be wrong though.


17-07-2007 12:01:49

I believe you're right tylerc. I think the mods won't credit TR to you unless the trade actually was successful.

Sorry about all that you're dealing with vancollins. If they DO end up scamming you, make sure to PM a mod with their username and post in the Scammers thread.


17-07-2007 13:32:53

yeah, at the trade module, its gotta say you are both complete