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16-07-2007 15:04:21


just a quick question. does anyone have any idea why the zeropricetags sites are the only ones i can seem to get credit for offers on? the other sites i have done, i have to submit for credit manually.

i would appreciate any thoughts you might have.



16-07-2007 16:43:43

Because clearly Zeropricetags is the best! Sorry...thats all i have for you. I have been doing 5 different sites...and my referrals have definately had a lot easier time with zeropricetags over all other sites.


16-07-2007 18:47:19

I have a different opinion on that. Site owners are usually made aware of the offers that are down. If they wait to long to make their administrative changes, users may try the offers not knowing they wont work. As long as the site owners keep their offers up to date, there should really be no credit problems at all.