Hi I am fairlynew looking to help other newbies

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15-07-2007 12:30:11

hi I am willing to help other newbies no strings. PM me if interested.


15-07-2007 16:50:46


No offense, but if you are new, I would definitely recommend working with more experienced members of the forum. A lot of the times, new people who help other new people may not work out so well! They could get each other into some trouble.

I would suggest you make a trade with a reputable trader and learn from them and then proceed to help other new people afterwards. Just what I think D


16-07-2007 07:18:15

Very sound advice from moneybonanzas!

If you are new to this, definitely work your first few trades with at least a semi-experienced trader on here. Plus, you need to do trades with someone with 4 or more TR to increase your TR. If you trade with someone with less than 4 TR, then neither of you will get your TR up, and then, what's the point really. Increasing TR is very important, in that it allows other members to feel safe trading with you, knowing that you are a reputable trader on this forum.

Definitely look around the forum a little before you jump right in. Read the NEWBIES thread and get a feel for how this all works. Then seek out an experienced member that's looking for "greens" and initiate a trade with them.

Welcome and good luck! D