How much do you spend on your freebies?

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14-07-2007 20:56:52

This is just a general question for all.

I'm new to the world of online offers and referrals, so I'm doing a little research before I jump in with both feet.

I'm wondering, how much do you guys usually spend on this hobby (or avocation)?

Even though the forum is called "FreeiPodGuide," it looks like the free items usually cost something. Aside from the time involved, how much do you spend on the offers themselves, or through paying for referrals?

In other words, for every $100 in cash or freebies you receive how much do you have to spend? What's a reasonable amount -- $20 for $100? $40? $90?

Thanks in advance for the advice! )


15-07-2007 16:56:05

I don't do much trading myself, but I think most people spend half of what they earn on referrals, and then they keep the other half. So if a site offers $40 per referral, they would pay a $20 commission to the referral and keep the other $20.

Plus if you do offers yourself, that may add to your costs.


15-07-2007 20:14:31

Hey there! Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you decided to do some research before jumping right in. So many new traders make the mistake of, well, not doing that.

When I first started out, I made around $500 being a referral for people. I spent much less than half of that on the offers themselves (including the ones I've loved and kept).

Once I was comfortable and established enough, I started paying for referrals, as opposed to being a referral. A good idea, though, which I never, but should have done is trade green for green. It gets your TR up and gets you your refs! Think of it this way - you're going to be a referral for someone on 3 sites and get paid for it. Now you have 3 sites you'd want to get refs for in order to get your prize. Trading green for green 3 times for one site gets you $120, as opposed to roughly $60 (minus the cost of offers). After those 3 trades, you now have 6 sites you're able to trade for. Good deal. )

Read everything you can, and make sure you're comfortable and confident with who you're trading with.

Hope this helps! )