How do people keep making money?

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14-07-2007 17:51:28

My question do so many people keep making money. If most of the sites seem to contain the same offers (more or less), it seems like people who are paid to sign up as a referral would run out of offers fast as they can't do the same one twice.

And the same goes the other way...since you can only sign up once on each site, how do people manage to get so much free stuff?

Just wondering how they do it. Thanks


14-07-2007 19:24:23

In regards to running out of offers people get sites that allow an extra referral instead of doing offers, or they win promotions, or they go to sites that offer free greens. This saves offers for the times they sign up under someone, or when they want to do some DIY sites.

In regards to getting so much free stuff people generally choose sites they can repeat, and then sites that don't need any more offers to repeat them. One time sites are also fine, as long as they offer one of the options listed in the first paragraph.

That's a pretty generalized summary, but it covers most of the main points that you asked.


15-07-2007 16:52:42

Plus there are about a million different sites out there! D