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13-07-2007 22:27:27

been online running around like chicken with head cut of...but nothing has been accomplished can anyone help me tutorials and posts and more confused than ever


13-07-2007 22:50:29

I'm not sure what your question exactly is. Click on my trading thread in my signature and towards the bottom of my post I have advice for newbies that sort of explains how this works. You come here to buy or sell "greens".

There are websites you can sign up for that allow you to get money or prizes for referring people to their site. The catch is that these people have to sign up for one of the trial offers listed on the site. These sites get paid by the companies who advertise the trial offers and give you some of the money.

This site here is where we take it another level. It is hard to get enough friends and family to sign up for offers so that you can get the money or prize offered. So, people come here and pay people to do it. Everyone gets their own link to a reward site that they get people to click on and sign up under them. When you pay someone to click your link and sign up for an offer, that is called buying a green because once you complete an offer on a reward site, you are considered green. Once you get enough greens, you get paid (if you are approved, but more on that later).

If you are new to this, you will be selling greens - doing offers for people and getting paid to do so. This site has a feedback system sort of like ebay so you have an idea of who you can trust, it's all still a gamble. The system is called TR. If you have very little TR, most people won't trade with you unless you are going to green for them. Once you build your TR, you look more trustworthy and people will then green for you and you will pay them.

Read my post and pm me if you have more questions. Hope this helps!


13-07-2007 22:53:35

Sent you a pm with some help in it. Feel free to contact me.

sandra habina

13-07-2007 23:08:05

I would love to help you get started dear. PM sent with information.

Welcome to the trades.


14-07-2007 08:32:12

Tamantha, I will also be able to help you if you have specific questions (but the people who have already offered help are good sources if info, too).

Big War Bird

14-07-2007 09:21:40

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