What to do when you're in a trade w/ someone who gets banned

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13-07-2007 13:06:55

I'm not sure what to do here. I set up a trade for someone to green a site for me. It took 4 or 5 days after I set up the trade before they signed up and several more before they said they did an offer, but Trainn has no record of it. Several days later, this person gets banned.

It's been 2 weeks and they are not green yet. Should I replace them? What if they green eventually? I have no way to ask them to submit MCR and no way to contact - unless they actually check the email they used to sign up.

Mods - are there rules here? Anyone have advice? Thanks D


13-07-2007 13:33:23

Banned or not, if someone follows through on their end of the trade, it is your responsibility to do likewise. However if Trainn has no record of them completing an offer after they claim they have, then it's their responsibility to pursue manual credit or complete another offer. If they don't within a reasonable time frame, then consider the trade canceled and you'd be absolved of any responsibility to see it through. I'm assuming the other person was going first, so until he's green it's no different than any other trade -- you wait for your green before doing anything else.

If you want to PM me their username, I can provide the e-mail they registered here on the forum, but that's no guarantee the e-mail is still valid or that they will check it.


13-07-2007 14:23:22

If you haven't sent them any money then I'd just replace them. Yes it's possible that they might finish and so you'd still need to pay them, but chances are better that they won't.


13-07-2007 14:30:44

I have a situation involving a banned member as well and I don't know what I should do either...

I actually had a trade with someone that had a decent TR, and they took the trade, greened, and I actually paid them and requested TR, however before they could come back to the trade module to request TR, they were banned (I don't know why).

I PM'd a mod about it at the beginning of the week, but never heard back from them.

Are you just SOL on TR with this type of thing? ? Anyone know?


13-07-2007 15:58:51

I pm'd dmorris68 the username. The question I have is what is considered a 'reasonable amount of time'? I put in my trade rules that if you go out of contact for 14 days the trade is canceled. Don't get me wrong, I want the green and want to pay him. The problem is I agree with cubbieco that I'll end up waiting for nothing...

Big War Bird

13-07-2007 16:49:24

I have another question. I have a couple trades that were completed, paid and passed approval but the other person never requested TR and has now been banned and or just dissappeared from the forum. Can I get a mod to close out these trades or are they forever going to be in limbo?


13-07-2007 19:43:55

Sweetmama.... kind of what cubbieco says - 99% of the time (with your situation) they will not finish their side of the trade! Time to move on.... and find another trader!

Also, if you put the 14 day rule in the trade module (and there has been no contact) then just delete the trade!


13-07-2007 19:59:48

@mom2 Yes, unfortunately. If they didn't request TR, then you will not be able to get it from them. Not even the mods can help you.

@bigbird And yes, they will forever remain in limbo, unfortunately. All you can do is hide the trades.

@sweet The 14 day rule is a general thing, but if you want to be double sure you could just wait a month. I had a trade like that, and the trader eventually got the credit they had told me they earned weeks earlier.