Need Recommendations of Sites with Extra Ref Credits

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12-07-2007 21:57:10

I'm planning to start some new sites soon, but I don't want to do any offers. I need a break from clearing cookies, waiting for credit to post, etc. So I will be doing some sites that let you get the extra referral credit sign up one more person, and you don't have to go green.

What recommendations do people have for such sites? I already plan to do at least one Primodinero site. (I'm close to finishing their basic cash site.)



12-07-2007 22:50:02

cot. cot. cot. Oh im sorry thats short for customorderthis


13-07-2007 11:24:22

you can get an extra referral on my site. we're also holding a huge promo (check the link in my sig). i'm going to be continuing that promo in August as well, so no worries about having to finish before the end of the month ;)


13-07-2007 14:31:30

You may also choose to sign up at MoneyBonanzas. Post a support ticket and I'll have no problem waiving your offer requirements. =)

sandra habina

13-07-2007 16:57:13

wow great information. Thanks guys


13-07-2007 19:55:07

If you are unreferred, you can use a ref as your offers on any of the YGF sites.


14-07-2007 00:52:07

Thank you, everyone who replied. I will be sorting through this as soon as my schedule allows and will sign up on at least some of these sites. )


14-07-2007 08:48:49

I asked this of 2dollardeal just yesterday. They said if you sign up and get the referrals, you can get an extra ref if you open a support ticket and ask then for it.


14-07-2007 19:19:17