Freebie Site requiring ID and W-9 form to be sent before pay

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12-07-2007 07:26:00

Is this a common thing? I feel a little hesitant giving out all of my information like that (i.e. social security, driver's license and #, full name, address, date of birth, picture of me, etc etc etc.)

This site is claiming that it is federal law that if they pay me $600 or more that this is required. I just wanted to make sure that you all thought this was okay and standard for freebie sites to require this info.

For those that HAVE sent sites this type of information, did everything turn out ok? No identity theft or anything? I guess I'm just SUPER nervous sending one of these sites all of my personal info just to recieve a few hundred dollars.

Any help all you members can provide would be much appreciated! Thanks!


12-07-2007 07:43:17

Yes, most sites do this.

Your information will be safe.

You shouldn't be afraid to provide your full name, addres, date of birth because you did that when you signed up....

But yeah just send in the info and you'll be paid.


12-07-2007 07:43:50

Yup anything over $600 you need to do that for. What site did you complete?


12-07-2007 07:49:05

I'm not worried about my name, address and date of birth as much as my driver's license and social security number.


12-07-2007 07:50:26


I'm not worried about my name, address and date of birth as much as my driver's license and social security number.[/quote7a2db72d6b]

Don't worry about it, it's needed by law. )


12-07-2007 07:56:31

Oh, ok. Thanks for your help. I'm still nervous, but I guess I'll go ahead and send.


12-07-2007 14:35:42

As long as you're sure the site is legitimate, then it should be okay. As a site owner myself, a W9 Tax Form is required by anyone who earns more than $600.


12-07-2007 14:59:31

You'll find in life, and especially in areas of business and finance, that you'll be sharing your SSN as well as all your other personal info quite frequently. As I've said many times before, sure it's wise to be prudent with your info, but if you're expecting to conduct any sort of business or financial transaction that has any sort of of credit or tax implications, then you'll have to get used to it.

It's like the people who are still terrified of using their CC online, yet won't blink at giving it over the phone or handing it to a waiter or mechanic who disappears with the card for 5 minutes, where you're far more likely to get compromised.


12-07-2007 22:58:52

yep. David you always have the best answears


13-07-2007 07:58:45

Thanks for your comments everyone! I already sent my ID and W9 form (last night actually) and woke up this morning with $400 in my paypal account (well, actually $387 after PayPal fees!!! argh!).


13-07-2007 11:06:20

Huh..... did they require that info when your payout was actually less than $600?


13-07-2007 11:07:06

No, because I had already recieved $200 from them previously. Then the $400 made that $600 total.


14-07-2007 14:08:43

you could have opted for $399 and dodged that W-9.. unless you're planning on getting some more from them.


16-07-2007 07:20:05

Yeah, I'm planning on getting some more from them. I already am pretty close to getting $600 more and then another site under them for $500.