Freebie Site Payment Types

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12-07-2007 02:05:16

In general, how do the sites pay you when you choose the paypal gift? By credit card, paypal or something else? Just wondering if I should expect paypal fees for most of them or not.

Right now I'm pretty much only doing Trainn and YGF.



12-07-2007 03:31:08

MOST of the time, they pay through paypal and you do not incur any fees. However, occasionally they alter their payment method or do not pay in bluck, thereby causing you to incur a fee.


12-07-2007 03:51:07

Some sites use the regular payment option by clicking the "Send Money" tab and that's when you incur fees. When a site pays using the MassPay feature with their PayPal balance, you do not incur fees. We personally use MassPay.