How do u finish an offer?

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10-07-2007 19:54:49

Do u choose those cost-free sign-ups?
I find it either US ONLY or unavailable for the moment...



10-07-2007 19:59:47

You choose offers you are legitimately interested in trying out, regardless of cost.


10-07-2007 20:05:17

at the moment I don't have any $ in my account.
and the cost-free sign-ups seem to be all dead...

I can only try out the cost-free ones...

Plz help~


11-07-2007 09:50:18

If you have no money in your account then you can't do offers. Case closed.

The cost free ones will at least try to charge $1.00 to make sure the card is valid and if that declines, you're out of luck.

Please go get some money then come back when you can do it right.


11-07-2007 10:01:10

You can do no-CC required sites.