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10-07-2007 18:12:05

Hi, I was doing a plasmas.customorderthis site and we lost power because of a cloud. I finished half of my credit but when I went back and clicked on the referral link again it says my email is already in use. duh! what do I do? I don't want to mess this up. Help anyone?


10-07-2007 18:35:14

Instead of going in like you were signing up again, there should be a little tab for you to click that says "Log in". That will take you to a different screen that will allow you to log in to your existing account.



10-07-2007 18:38:41

I sent you a PM. I think that you trying to login as a new user


10-07-2007 18:59:01

It shows that there's 0/1 credit. Shouldn't it show 1/2 since I did one offer and have gotten email confirmation on it? Thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated.


10-07-2007 19:36:53

Sometimes offers take a day or so to show up, even if they say instant. Hopefully it should show up soon. I did one on a site on Friday that didn't show up until Monday, and the one I did Monday showed up in 15 minutes, so there's just no telling............



11-07-2007 03:59:28

Laurel is correct. I have also had it take up to 7 days for the credit to show up, so please give it some time. It really depends on the offer.


11-07-2007 06:56:18

Yes, crediting can take some time. However, your computer may not have received or sent what it needed to for the crediting process before it lost its power. I don't mean to be ms. negative, but it is a possibility.

If that happened to me, I would wait it out, and if necessary, complete another offer to complete the site.