just a question

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10-07-2007 16:58:21

quick question....I have agreed to do a trade and the other person initiated it. Do I need to initiate one to get my link to them so they can complete their end of the deal?


10-07-2007 17:59:34

I am confused. Are you trading Green's? If so, just insert your link in the Requester Notes / Contact section of the trade module.


10-07-2007 20:55:57

just to clarify, We are trading greens and the other person initiated it. I confirmed it and completed the offers. Should I have inserted my link in the trade initiation before I confirmed it? I may have made a mistake by confirming befor inserting my link. If so, How do I fix it?

I think I figured it out.....I lowered my security settings and it let me edit the trade module so.......


11-07-2007 03:56:34

Glad you were able to edit the link. Would not have thought about the security settings.