give me hand ,please

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10-07-2007 01:41:07

I am newbie in this industry.
I wonder which network cost to get start arrow


10-07-2007 03:46:24

Welcome! There are many good networks. I like YourGiftsFree, OrderGiftsFree, and HotGifts4You. Each have multiple independent sites, so you can sign up for gifts.hotgifts4you as well as home.hotgifts4you. The best thing is you can complete these sites over and over )

To get started you need to complete some referrals for others to increase your TR and to give you sites which you can then get referrals for.

The idea is to complete offers (which does requires spending a little cash) and get some cash in your pocket (which should cover the cost of doing those offers).

Let me know if you'd like me to help you get started.



10-07-2007 04:48:14

Go with TRAINN. They are the largest most reliable out there for newbs. They have about 10 sites, and are by far the #1 freebie network out there. If you need a link for one of their sites be sure to PM me ;)


10-07-2007 08:39:47

Hey! Sent you a PM with information! Welcome! D