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08-07-2007 21:22:34

Anyone try www.iphonesecret.com?

There are a few videos on YouTube for this

I've sent messages to the YouTube uploader and he has assured that the site is legit, but I want a second opinion.

Here's my conversation

Hows it going?

The website opened up fine for me, still online. My question is that it says there is a $9.99 subscription that is paid monthly when registering for the site. Is there a way I can get an iPhone and not pay that subscription?

What did you do?


Hey there!

They say that they charge your cell phone service $9.99 a month (or whatever price they say it was) - but what you actually do is as soon as you see that charge on your account, there will be a phone number you can call next to the charge and simply tell them that you did not authorize that transaction and you would like it to be removed.

And they do it without hesitation -)

Keep in mind, this is AFTER you get your free iPhones.

If you have any more questions, let me know!

Warmest Regards,

Is there any additional proof you can show me that this site works?

What additional proof would you like?

In all honesty, I didn't make this YouTube video to sit at my computer and respond to a dozen questions a day (which i've gotten so far) that I have to answer and try to prove to people I don't know that it works (even after they see my step-by-step video)

I did the video for my co-workers and friends to watch, because i'm tired of having to explain the stack of iPhones on my desk a million times when they come over for BBQ's.

Now, I just give them the YouTube video -)

If you don't want to take the time to get free iPhones, you don't have to.

I'm not accusing you of "scamming", it's just that there are so many out there, and I don't want to get into any problems.

i really would like to use this site if you say it works, not only to get an iPhone of my own, but to help pay my college costs.

Here are my questions
1. When they deliver to you, does the packing list say the sites name on it? Or something similar you can show me?
2. The site says "Win and iPhone", is it actually a drawing or does anyone who signs up receive one?
3. Have the phones you've received activated and worked fine?
4. How prompt is the shipment?
5. Do I have anything to lose?

Sorry to bombard you with questions, but hey if I know this works you would have made me a very happy person )


1. I do not have any of the packaging right now, becuase my last shipment was before our last trash pickup. They come shipped in a brown box and sent via FedEx

2. It is a drawing you are in, but what makes this site unlike any other is that a majority of the people are probably like you and have too many questions before they put in their cell phone number... so the numbers for the drawings are near non-existant (so you get one for almost every cell phone number you put in)

3. Yes, they are all factory sealed and the 8GB Model

4. It's FedEx Next Day

5. You have nothing to lose, because it does not cost you a dime.

(Sidenote I recommend putting in 2 - 3 phone numbers that are of people you know such as friends or family... so you can guarantee yourself you'll get an iphone everytime. That's what we do)

I'm going to bed right now, email me when you get your first iPhone -)

Last question If I were to enter tomorrow at say 8am, would I get my iPhone the next day? Also, how soon does the company charge you? Can I "unauthorize" the payment right after I get the iphone (or cancel my subscription), or do I need to wait until they bill me once?

Thanks dude

I'll update as more responses come in.

Anyone have any input on this?



09-07-2007 11:21:49

??? It just charges you $10 a month and they say you might win an iphone...


09-07-2007 12:47:27

The guy said that because so many people think it's a scam, you're almost guaranteed to win the iPhone. Then you just say the $10 fee was "unauthorized" to the company.


09-07-2007 13:48:49

[quoteb303b02f34="eggman90"]The guy said that because so many people think it's a scam, you're almost guaranteed to win the iPhone. Then you just say the $10 fee was "unauthorized" to the company.[/quoteb303b02f34]

Yeah, good idea. Lie to your credit card company. GENIUS!

Edit go scam elsewhere