why are sites no longer doing manual credits?????

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08-07-2007 18:07:35

I was just wondering why a lot of sites are no longer doing manual credits. I have a lot of issues getting my credits sometimes, why I do not know. I do everything required before I do each offer, and at times I do not receive credit. I do not think it is fair that if we do the offer, and have the email to prove it, why we can no longer get manual crediting. I do not think we should have to do another offer, to make up for the one that did not credit. Is there a reason why as to some of the sites are no longer doing the manual credits? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


08-07-2007 18:20:59

Yes, it's been thoroughly discussed in several threads. Use the search function, that should help find them.


08-07-2007 22:43:19

Simple, fraud.