do they pay ? (

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06-07-2007 04:24:42

anyone beeen paid by


06-07-2007 04:31:28

I haven't but yeah they pay.


06-07-2007 05:16:33

ok thanks


06-07-2007 05:35:30

I got an iPod Nano from them.

Support is kind of a joke, I'll post my support ticket responses when I'm at work later today.


06-07-2007 06:49:33

well if your looking for greens you should checkout my post in the trade section
im asking for a referrer
but there is a bit more to it so don't just PM me from here


06-07-2007 06:57:40

I read your post, not interested though.

But I forget my login password so I'm too lazy to get it for you )


06-07-2007 07:14:35

login password ?
im confused
did you think I was asking you to give me your account
that is by no means what I meant


06-07-2007 07:44:07

No no no.

I was saying support is kind of an asshole.

I guess my account no longer exists though, because any e-mail I would have used to sign up no longer exists in the database.

I remember there used to be huge payout differentials, like 12 refs for a Wii and something much higher for a video iPod, though they were they same cost, just offered at different F4E1 sites. I asked the support guy why, and he said "Because that's the way I want it. LOL" roll


06-07-2007 07:51:36

I was saying support is kind of an asshole.

I guess my account no longer exists though[/quoted155f99025]

im not liking the sound of that

I plan to do Paypal payouts though so im not sonsurned about the cost
though I do think his payout is a bit lower then normall
but he has 3 NooC sites
so im thinking he likes the cheaper offers


06-07-2007 08:14:48

I got my gift, so I can't really complain, except they sent me a refurbished iPod Nano ?

He sent me some PayPal to make up for it though.


06-07-2007 08:24:36

we may be surprised how manny of these prizes are refurbished
but for the moment im just intrested in cash prizes
im looking to expand how manny sites im premoting


06-07-2007 12:24:32

Yes, he pays and he's pretty awesome.