ZOMG Cheat & Eat, WhiteOverNite

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unknown uchiha

05-07-2007 17:46:35

My friend called me. He got a collections notice from Cheat and Eat. You know, that Novapointe company.

Need a refresher?



Anyways. I had a similar experience with them a year ago. I signed up for both White Over Night and Cheat and Eat, they tried charging me because of their shady TOS, I complained like crazy, they eventually stopped trying to charge me. Now over seventeen months later they try charging my friend. I don't even know if I have one of these notices coming up since I'm out of the country for the next month and a half.

Did anyone else get a collection notice lately from them?


05-07-2007 22:12:07

I never got anything from them, I did Cheat & Eat a long time ago.


06-07-2007 03:10:08

I did neither of those offers thank goodness

unknown uchiha

06-07-2007 08:27:17

[quote5e8cb6e10e="tylerc"]I never got anything from them, I did Cheat & Eat a long time ago.[/quote5e8cb6e10e]

Yeah I know! It's so strange how he'd get one like now after so long. I hope I don't get one -.-