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04-07-2007 11:58:00

Hello Everyone,

Happy Independence Day. My name is Ian and I'm new here. Been trying to get the hand of trading the past week and, honestly, I'm in need of a little encouragement. Here's my story so far...

I signed up for Project Payday hook line and sinker when I was needing some extra cash. It was almost like I caught a bug. I've been on the forums (mostly A4F [b3a6cbc6a0b]but FiPG is better [/b3a6cbc6a0b]) constantly for about a week doing trades and learning everything I possible can (which is a lot actually). The learning curve is a steep one if you've never done anything like this before. But I've been up for the challenge. I made about $100 net since I started. That word "net" is key because this is NOT one of those things you can really do without spending a [i3a6cbc6a0b]little[/i3a6cbc6a0b] up front. Although you make your money back relatively quick, there are other things to consider, like the time, effort and energy required to track all the offers you do. I ended up using an [b3a6cbc6a0b]EXCEL SPREADSHEET[/b3a6cbc6a0b][=http//][b3a6cbc6a0b]EXCEL SPREADSHEET[/b3a6cbc6a0b] to track both my trades and the offers I completed. By the end of my first week, I managed to get this spreadsheet fine-tuned with multiple tabs (worsheets within a file) and calculations that would track my NET profit[=http//]NET profit, like a business balance sheet.

Overall, I'd say I still had to work my butt off for roughly a 200% profit. My debit card (bad idea btw - credit cards will fair much better) is charged up the wazoo with S&H charges and authorization "holds" This causes my available balance to put me in jeopardy of overdrafts until I am able to transfer my paypal payments to my account (which takes 2-4 business days).

I guess I'm getting a little discouraged and I'm looking for guidance. I've tried doing a lot of this on my own. Now I'm wondering if any pro's on here can point me in the right direction to actually making some money. I'm sure many of you had similar experiences starting out. I definitely see how you CAN make money, but it seems like I'm starting to run into the same offers on every site, which essential means that I'm "running out" of offers to complete. What have those of you who have been successful done once you started to hit this "barrier"???


04-07-2007 12:32:20

First of all, I'd like to say that while you're at FIPG, you don't announce that A4F is better, because quite frankly, it isn't. FIPG. FTW.

Second, we don't talk about cancelling offers, it's against the rules! Only try offers you're legitimately interested in.

You may think you're running out of offers, but there are over 500 of them out there (possibly less now due to the recent changes), so it will be a while before you actually have trouble finding ones you aren't interested in (in which case, you should not do them).

Once you've done a couple trades, try doing green for green, and then start paying for refs. That seems like the best way to raise your profit and your TR.

Good luck to you, sounds like you're already on the right track, so keep goin!

Hope this helps,


04-07-2007 12:56:49

Thanks for the thoughts. and for the headsup. I forgot about how detailed my post was. I actually DO think that FiPG is better, btw. The trade module is AWESOME and I love how you can see everything from one place easily. I duplicated this post on A4F though, so I had forgotten to change the text oops I've been wondering about doing a straightup green for green trade. One thing I wonder about though How long does it take for IFWs to payout (paypal not prizes)??? Are they relatively quick or do you end up waiting a while?

sandra habina

04-07-2007 15:44:03

Many sites are paying within a day or two after approval - which takes a couple of days. You need to build up your TR status to a respectable amount and then work the sites for yourself. Also you can trade a site for a site and that way you are paying for offers instead of paying a referral to go green. You do a site for someone and then do it for you.

You should not run out of reasonable offers that you are interested in until about 25-30 trades. If you have more questions - feel free to PM me dear.


04-07-2007 16:39:39

If you are interested in basics please pm me.