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03-07-2007 12:56:36

does anyone know of an internet provider for dial up that does not use proxy?


03-07-2007 14:09:03

I have never used one that did
and I have used 3-4

but where are you ?
even knowing what country your in probably wouldn't be enough to let people advize an ISP


03-07-2007 14:51:27

I had Yahoo At&T dial up when first starting this, and had no issues with proxy.

Margot wink

social worker

03-07-2007 15:39:34

I have just left Allvantage which was a proxy server and caused me some problems to Peoplepc, which is not a proxy server. It only costs $10 per month, doesn't seem to drop you off all the time, and offersnearly everything on your home page. However, even it is slow compared to DSL or Broadband, so at a fellow trader's suggestion I am changing to Broadband.

Good luck.


03-07-2007 18:38:00

Probably most of your local companies don't use proxies. I have no personal experience with them. However, if you call them first I'm sure they will tell you. The local companies will probably even know what you are talking about. ;)


03-07-2007 19:45:11

I'd think the only ones that use proxies are AOL and perhaps Earthlink (from what I've heard). NetZero possibly if you use the "web acceleration" feature which is a proxy that caches & recompresses images to reduce bandwidth.

And DirecWay (satellite) will route through proxies as well.

The majority of dial-up ISP's do not, I wouldn't think. But then again it's been so long since I bothered with a dial-up account, and since they are trying to be more competitive with broadband (well, not so much competitive, as survive) that some may have started taking the proxy "accelerator" approach.


03-07-2007 21:23:50

Thanks for the replies. I hope to find a provider soon and be able to start trading. Thanks again.