how do I get the Signature to work in PM's

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03-07-2007 11:01:45

I apear to have it all setup rite
but I see nothing when I look at the last PM I sent


03-07-2007 11:03:41

They were disabled, so they don't appear in any PM no matter what your settings are. This was done because people would PM a welcome message to new people, but really their sigs were advertising their sites, which the mods considered spam.

Rather than punish everyone, they just disabled it from PMs.

This is covered in this thread http//


03-07-2007 11:12:51

yea that's a good point
if I was the Welcoming kind I would be guilty of it to

my reason for wanting it is because I have a guy wanting $25 for a $20
because he did 2 sites for me the first was a $25
and the second is $20
but I only told him the price in the first PM (got his name from his trading post asking for new sites)
and 5-6 PM's later he forgot there was 2 dif prices and thinks I owe him $25 not $20
I have agreed to pay the $25 rather then have him feel riped off
and considering that fact that I should have mentioned the price more then once

so the sig thing would be a simple way for me to prevent this from ever hapaning again

O well guess ill just have to depend on my memory


03-07-2007 11:15:37

Or, mention the price in the title of future trades. Something like "$XX for YYY.ZZZ on CCCC" would be suffice, and both parties would know the rules of the trade. That's just a handy tip )


03-07-2007 11:20:36

yea I try to
some times get in a rush and forget things though
the sig would have added a preset price reminder to my PM's
seemed like good backup


03-07-2007 11:22:22

Signatures can change; trade titles cannot (without possible mod interference).

But, now you know about why the sigs don't work in your PMs.


03-07-2007 11:28:27

and ill likly remember to keep reminding people of the price to not that I have been hit once

say how many posts do I need to get (Newbie) removed from my name ?
it's anoying hehehe


03-07-2007 11:29:29

That answer is a few posts down http//