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02-07-2007 19:17:34

Hi There, I am a newbie in the Forum and I have noticed a few things that dont sit well with me, and having to do alot of running around to find out information is really getting out of hand..I will do an Offer for a Trader, and when I am submitting the Offer, the website will stop, and not continue to give me an account number or even acknowledge that I signed-up, no email, or anything, and as you are thinking, Yes they did debit my Card as usually happens, but nobody to ask, nobody to help at the website..What is this about, and of course no crediting of anything on the Offer either.. This has already happened three times today, and not only that, I have been charged four times on one offer, and didnt even get credit for the Offer, hows that for helping the newbie..What is going on with these Offers..Advice..? PayProRon


02-07-2007 21:50:23

First it would help if you formatted your question with complete sentences and proper grammar. It's pretty hard to understand what you are asking.

To attempt to answer

Credits and emails can take up to 24 hours for you to get it. Companies sometimes authorize your credit card more than once, but only one of them will be a real charge. The others will just drop off.

You'll need to be patient. The offer credits will come if you have done everything correctly (cleared cookies, cache, etc).

Make sure you don't have any kind of firewall going.

If I didn't answer this then please reform your question and ask again.


02-07-2007 21:58:56

First off, I dont need help with my grammer, I wanted an answer to my questions, which none of yours helped, thanks.. I know the difference between authorizing and charges, and my bank said they are charges
So, thanks for your help, but I will await somebody else..
Oh and thanks for your grammer Help..too


02-07-2007 22:13:16

[quote881f19d7d8="ProPayRon"]First off, I dont need help with my grammer, I wanted an answer to my questions, which none of yours helped, thanks.. I know the difference between authorizing and charges, and my bank said they are charges
So, thanks for your help, but I will await somebody else..
Oh and thanks for your grammer Help..too[/quote881f19d7d8]

The bank will not know if it is an authorization or a charge. Basically they both appear to be the same. It's just that charges get settled and authorizations do not and therefore drop off in 2-5 business days (depending on the bank) Trust me, I've worked with credit cards a long time.

And please don't be pissy. I was trying to be as helpful as I could. If your questions were separated with question marks it would be easier for you to get answers.

Specifically, what do you want to know that I didn't answer?


02-07-2007 22:22:05

Well, as you can tell I am extremely frustrated, and getting ripped off for the first few deals you try your best to work on, isn't something I intend to smile about.!
I would just like to find some great Trades that aren't others taking advantage of newbies, and the sites not wanting to help , deosn't say anything good about the Trades.
I just want to work with someone legitimate without all of the newbie Bull... Everyone came here as a newbie, and what other way can you get started, unless you have an experineced Level to Join at, and I would have signed-up there. When people see your a newbie, they swarm in and take advantage..I just want to work with decent and honest folks, of course with good trades. That is what I am looking for and have been since joining the Forum. Nothing more, nothing Less..!!


02-07-2007 22:27:16

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience. It can be frustrating, especially if things don't credit like they should. Even "instant" crediting offers generally can take up to 24 hours to show up, so hopefully you'll see the credits tomorrow.

Good luck.


03-07-2007 00:45:50

Hi there,

I understand your frustration, but do try to have some patience, even though it's difficult. As cubbieco stated, many instant offers can take some time to show. You may wake in the morning and find you got your credits.

Trust me, there are many wonderful, honest, and helpful traders here, and if you look, you will easily find them. Be picky, and don't jump for the highest paying offers at first, as they usually mean they are more difficult or complicated to complete. And unfortunately there are those that don't pay well for sites that are difficult or costly. Browse the forums carefully for the most helpful traders, and go with one or 2 of them that you feel comfortable with. Talk to them and ask questions. They should be more then happy to answer and give advice.

It's unfortunate, but not getting credits is the worst part of being new, and it's not extremely unusual if you don't know all the ins and outs. I have a good guide listed in my signature, just click on the link, and print it out. It has helped a lot of people, and I hope it helps you also. wink

Much luck here, and welcome aboard,

Margot D


03-07-2007 12:22:54

Firstly ProPayRon please try to calm down some
I know your upset and feel you have been riped off
Trust me I know the feeling
But you are getting angry with the wrong people
These people here are on the same side of this as you are
With a few exceptions (some site owners are here to)
But most of us are just like you (trying to make a bit of money as best we can)
And most of us have been threw the same problems as you are going threw now

Now you say the sites are not fully loading
That could be just a connection problem
Or a glitch in your browser (perhaps you have picked up a virus)
I for one have never had trouble getting offer sites to load
So that problem is likely at your end
And if the site doesnít fully load that could well be why your not getting credited for it

As for the ongoing charges
They will continue until you cancel your account
The idea that they will just disappear later is (most likely) assuming you will cancel your account before the second charge is due
See some sites will do 2 charges at the same time
The first is a small one for your trial
The second one is mean to be just setting aside some of your money for if you decide you like the product
So they know you can pay the full price for the next shipment
But if you donít get the next page to load then your gona have some trouble finding the canceling info
I sagest you go back to the site you got that offer from
Click on it again then when the offers first page loads
Look at itís terms
They often give canceling instructions there
Or at the vary least they should have some contact info
If not call your CC company and ask them for the phone number of the company that did the charge
They should have one (mine always seems to)

Anyway back to the crediting problem
I sagest you update your virus & adware scanners
Do a full sweep
Then go to run type in msconfig and hit enter
Then click on Startup
Then click on Disable All
Click ok and reboot
Now all your protection will be shut off (they interfere with crediting)
So only do offers while in this mode
Then start your browser
Clear everything out shut off popup blocking
And go pick your offers
Then clear everything again do one offer
Then clear again and do another
And so on till your green

Then go to run again
Re enable everything re boot and your done

Someone at this forum person (A) sends you to a site asking you to go green
That site (person B) loads offers they got from another site (person C)
You click on an offer and get sent to another site (Person D)
Then if you do it all correctly Person D tells Person C who then tells Person B who then tells Person A who then Pays you
Yelling at Person A will not change the fact that Person D did not tell Person C anything

Im cinda new to this myself so if im wrong about something I apologize
Just trying to help

sandra habina

03-07-2007 23:17:50

Ron, I am very sorry for the problems you are having. As I tried to explain to you - many of the "instant" credits take several hours to 2 days to credit. I know you were saying that the sites were cheating you and no one was helping, the sites do not credit you - it is the offer affiliates who do. I have tried my best to help you dear and I am very sorry - I am not sure if you traded with others or if I was the first - but I assure you - I did try to help and gave you the steps but I can not control your computer if it has some loading problems. I am an experienced and trusted trader and I hope everything works out well.
But please do not indicate that all the sites and traders are trying to cheat you. I would never do that. Again I apologize if I did not do my best for you but I am sure that many traders would tell you that you are jumping to conclusions about scams and cheaters.

Please read the guides about getting credits again. Margot has a wonderful post. And Cubbieco - is a fantastic helpful trader too.

Good luck Ron.


03-07-2007 23:18:01

Hi Cinda, thanks for your help.. like I said I am not new to the Internet, I am just new to this kind of earning income and this type of system, which is bascially a hit and miss , take your chnace kinda system..Some may ask if it is even worth the time, and I only know, maybe , but I am going to study alot more, because I have gotten more people trying to just take advantage of my being new, but like I said before, not new to the Internet and the tricks of scammers and people who take advantage of who they assume is unknowing, and that is where I draw the line, and until I learn more about the way this works in full..I plan on not having it happen again..thanks for your help, take care, Ron